Outdoor Program goes "350"

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The Outdoor Program Recognizes the International Day of Climate Action, October 24, 2009

We did it!  The Outdoor Program's first wilderness backpacking trip without the use of a single drop of fuel!  We went deep into the heart of the Gorge using human-powered transportation and electric-powered public transit.  Hugely rewarding, it was an incredible feat of transportation and logistics...


Our group of eight students and two leaders met on Saturday morning at Catlin and loaded bikes and trailers for our self-supported adventure.   We then jumped into the saddle and rode to the Max station, riding a brand-new train east to the third-to-the-last stop.  Departing the Max, we biked through Gresham and Troutdale, over the Sandy River, along the Columbia River Historic Highway, over Crown Point, down a thrilling and long hill, eventually making our way to Angel's Rest Trailhead.  We locked our bikes and went a la pie  up the south side of the Gorge to Angels Rest,  one of the most prominent viewpoints in the Gorge.  Atop the anvil-shaped rock formation, we unfolded our kits and ran along the rim of the Gorge in the spirit of environmental action and freedom.  Enjoying a fantastic sunset, we made an amazing dinner and camped in a primitive campsite, and then returned to Portland on Sunday via the same route we took to the Gorge.  Though it wasn't always easy, or convenient, we were given an indelible experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Ultimately this trip was about learning how to make a respectful and appropriate political statement, experiencing a unique sense of hard-earned liberation, and working together as a group toward sustainable living and transport.

Click on a photo from the gallery below, press "play," and share some of our experience.  Enjoy!