Open house highlights

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We had record-breaking attendance at our preschool through 12th grade open house on November 13. More than 700 visitors sampled classes, toured our beautiful campus, and talked with students, teachers, and current parents.

Don't worry if you missed open house. We offer an information evening on Thursday, January 19, for families applying to all divisions. More information including times and speakers available soon. 

Watch the video clip of school head Lark Palma addressing guests before their tours and classroom visits.

Overheard at open house

“Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful event today. We were able to spend time talking with the kindergarten and first grade teachers and continue to be very impressed by how the arts and music are integrated into the Catlin Gabel experience. We had a great time. We are excited to continue the application process with our son.” — parents visiting the Beginning and Lower Schools

“My wife and I have been to several open houses and yours did the best at evoking the character of the school. The students were approachable, and the teachers did an excellent job of conveying the philosophy and goals of the curriculum. My daughter went in with an open mind yet had a bias towards another school. Now in her mind Catlin is head-and-shoulders above the others, and we agree.” — parents visiting the Upper School

"Our friends were surprised when we chose Catlin Gabel for our scientist daughter. We examined programs carefully and agreed that Catlin Gabel was the best choice because the school offers a broad background in scientific skills and ideas. She is a happy freshman, and we are very happy we made the right choice." current parent and volunteer open house tour guide

Highlights from the student panel presentation on academics in the Upper School

“There’s no busy work. Coming from another school I was used to doing 20 problems of the same thing over and over again. Coming into Catlin all the homework is purposeful. And because of the homework policy if you come to 45 minutes on a math assignment and don’t have time to finish, you can talk to the teacher. The teacher will meet you during office hours and not penalize you for not finishing it."

“The older you get the more choice you have on classes. As a senior I do have a lot of homework but I really enjoy learning about all the class topics because I chose them.”

“The focus is on the learning. Even if you are getting straight A's you still have constructive criticism in your narrative [written] evaluations.”

“When I take a biology test I’m not asked to just throw out information that I learned from a textbook. I’m supposed to analyze it in a different way. And then the teacher will look at that – can you take the information you learned and think about it in a new way? I came from a very academically challenging middle school and after we got back tests we’d ask, "How'd you do?" – we compared ourselves to each other. For some people that’s not a good thing because if they are not doing well they’re just going to give up. Here at Catlin Gabel there is a focus on self progress and improving yourself.