Spanish Exam Results

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Middle School

Level 1EighthGrade
Eva Jahanshir, 1st in state, silver nationally
Annika Carfagno, 2nd in state, silver nationally
Garet Neal, 2nd in state, silver nationally
Maya Banitt, bronze
Ford Brown, bronze
Lauren Fogelstrom, bronze
Zach Allen, honors
Max Armstrong, honors
Brendan Attey, honors
Lily Burns, honors
Nico Hamacher, honors
Arielle Schnitzer, honors
Walter Sherry, honors
Lauren Shoemaker, honors

Level 2 – Eighth Grade
Kellie Takahashi, 1st in state, gold nationally
Matthew Bernstein, 3rd in state, gold nationally
Larissa Banitt, gold
Sarah Norris, silver
Daniel Chang, bronze
Evan Chapman, bronze
Conner Hansen, bronze
Andrew Lee, bronze
Nick Miller, honors
Dylan Gaus, honors
Emma Marcus, honors
Collin Moore, honors
Ally Rossi, honors
Simon Schiller, honors
Elli Wiita, honors

Upper School

Level 1
Walker Andrews, bronze
Peter Smith, bronze
Camille Fairbairne, honors
Spencer Hotchkiss, honors
Liban Sheikh, honors

Level 2
Samara Michaelson, 2nd in state, gold nationally
Michael Elliott, gold
Kyra Finley, gold
Libby Grant, silver
Tess Michaelson, silver
Alexis Shoemaker, silver
Anisha Adke, honors
Qiddist Hammerly, honors
Rachel Caron, honors
Ali Corwin, honors
Ellie Lezak, honors
Maya Rait, honors
Jordan Riddle, honors
Lukas Stracovsky, honors
Elise Thompson, honors

Level 3
Katie Zechnich, 2nd in state, silver nationally
Rahul Borkar, 3rd in state, bronze nationally
Allyson Foltyn, bronze
Ramtin Rahmani, bronze
Curtis Stahl, bronze
Kenny Woods, bronze
Ben Shmulevsky, honors
Kenny Yu, honors
Lurana Crowley, honors
Margaret Fossand, honors
Mira Hayward, honors
Will Schneiger, honors
Mckenzie Spooner, honors
Will Bishop, honors
Naomi Iverson, honors

Level 4
Zoe Frank, 2nd in state, gold nationally
Casey Currey-Wilson, gold
Owen Chapman, bronze
Jackson Morawski, bronze
Andrew Salvador, bronze
Brooke Edelson, honors
Kanaiza Imbuye, honors
Grace McMurchie, honors
Grant Phillips, honors
Hannah Rotwein, honors
Maggie Weirich, honors
Jeremy Wood, honors
Koby Yudkin, honors

Level 5
Lauren Ellis, gold
Jade Chen, silver
Jenna Rolle, silver
Taylor Smith, silver
Jenny Faber, bronze
Rebecca Garner, honors
Nina Greenebaum, honors
Julianne Johnson, honors
Esichang McGautha, honors
Logan Smesrud, honors
Cydney Smith, honors
Holly Kim, honors
Andrea Michalowsky, honors

Kudos to our Spanish language department: Enrique Escalona Fuentes, Spencer White, Wally Wilson, Ron Sobel, Lauren Reggero-Toledano, and Roberto Villa.