Interests, Passions, Magnificent Obsessions: Great reader, 4th grade

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From the Winter 2010 Caller

Passions: reading, writing
Interests: science, art, collecting, music, my cats

“Reading is my favorite thing. I love to curl up on the couch with a book. I read fiction mostly, mysteries, and Indian mythology, which I read as books and in graphic novels. In the graphic novels I know the story already, but I can see it unfold before my eyes.
I started wanting to write my own poems after the poetry units in 2nd and 3rd grade. All the reading I’ve done has given me a vocabulary that makes it easier to write. I also like writing folktales. One I wrote, ‘The Quest for Light and Water,’ told how light and fresh water were first brought to earth.
I’ve been taking piano lessons for two years. I made up a song with my cousin in India, and we recorded ourselves playing a tiny keyboard and maracas. I love Indian classical music and can figure it out on the piano.
In 4th grade we do imaginative writing each week. Sometimes it takes me a while to think of an idea, but when I get it, the story just unfolds. I like that we are made to write in class. It’s an opportunity for our interests and talents to develop.

I like everything at Catlin Gabel. I like the Fir Grove, my teachers, and my friends.”