Interests, Passions, Magnificent Obsessions: Chess player & chicken steward, 2nd grade

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From the Winter 2010 Caller

Passions: chickens, chess
Interests: reading, writing, drawing, soccer

“I live in a place my grandpa used to live, where there were different kinds of chickens 55 years ago. Now I have four chickens and a rooster, and I think they’re interesting. I made a movie about them when we were learning about farms in 1st grade. The film had seven chapters, including how to clip a chicken and how to find eggs. It had lots of information. I really like getting eggs in the morning and visiting the chickens. Sometimes they like to listen to you, but sometimes they’re scared. I play ‘Oh Come Little Chickens’ on my violin to them.
I play in chess tournaments with my school team. The best players think a lot about all their moves. I love to think and think deeply about chess.
I like to think about books I’m reading, too. I make up stories in my head, and sometimes I write them down. I wrote the eighth book in the Harry Potter series, which I called ‘Harry Beats Up Voldemort.’ It’s seven pages long, with eight lines on each page.

I draw pictures. I’m not good at drawing Harry Potter but I’m really good at drawing monsters and things I make up. And I play soccer, too.”