Interests, Passions, Magnificent Obsessions: An active mind, 5th grade

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From the Winter 2010 Caller

Passions: science, history, math
Interests: family winery, politics

“Science is my biggest passion. I like doing tests and calibrating things. You can apply science to winemaking, which is my family business. I learn how to make wine from my dad and help with bottling, cleaning filters, and picking grapes. When I grow up I want to be a winemaker and continue the winery and also be in my dad’s testing lab business.
I read a lot of historical books and look at history web pages. Lately I’ve been reading about the Romans and Greeks. I read books about older wars, because during warfare so many new technologies are invented. I have a good memory for facts and like the way things fit together.
I like math. I like learning all the formulas for geometric shapes, like Pi and Pi-R squared. I try to figure out on my own what the formulas are for geometric patterns. When we start a unit it jump-starts my brain and I look stuff up on the internet.
I follow politics somewhat because I’ll have to vote when I grow up, and I like how complex it is. I watched the Presidential debates last year and looked at polls about the elections.

I like my active mind.”