Knight Family Scholars Program update

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Five students selected

We will launch the Knight Family Scholars Program in the fall with an outstanding first-year cohort. Interest in the program exceeded expectations. More than 100 inquiries resulted in more than 50 talented applicants from top middle schools. The program goal of widening Catlin Gabel’s reach in the community is off and running. We’ve also seen an increase in the overall quality of Upper School applicants.

Program dierctor Chad Faber and the selection committee narrowed the field to 13 finalists with notable academic, athletic, and leadership qualities. Ten of the candidates enrolled for next year, five as Knight Family Scholars.

Our first group of Knight Family Scholars wonderfully represents the ideals of the program. The four rising freshmen and one rising sophomore show exceptional promise in academics, athletics, leadership, and service. The scholars include a nationally ranked figure skater from Colorado with extraordinary academic talent, a member of the Portland Timbers Academy who supports an NGO in southeast Asia, a regionally ranked tennis player who is well versed in computer programming languages and several foreign languages, a three-sport athlete with multiple leadership awards from her current school, and another three-sport athlete who is a Young Professional at the Oregon Children's Theatre. All five Knight Family Scholars come from public schools.

In addition to a regular course load in the Upper School, the scholars will enroll in a seminar designed to take learning to the next level with integrated coursework and expert guest teachers from off campus. The 2012 fall semester seminar, "Road to the White House,” is a course about American politics and the presidential election. As a prerequisite, students are required to volunteer 10 hours for a major party presidential candidate or a voter registration and education foundation. The seminar is open to all Upper School students as a history elective.

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