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The top 10 reason students should choose Catlin Gabel
From the Spring 2009 Caller

Lark asked some seniors to tell her the top 10 reasons students should choose Catlin Gabel. Without hesitation, they came up with this glorious list.

  • School is never boring.
  • We eat in a barn (and it tastes better than what you’d expect given the building’s history).
  • We are a tight community where everyone knows each other and you can put a name to every face (but the school is not too small).
  • Chatting with teachers and hearing their stories. Our teachers treat us like colleagues. We get to know them outside of the classroom on class or outdoor trips, community service outings, and through clubs. They really care about us.
  • Paul Dickinson’s puns. (He’s a science teacher.)
  • Interesting students, interesting teachers, interesting people.
  • The campus is beautiful and since we’re not in one building all day we get to go outside frequently.
  • Teachers never say they can’t do something for us.
  • We expand our vocabulary, and our friends are impressed when we use terms like liminal and metacritical. (Liminal: located on a threshold.Metacritical: written analysis about written analysis.)
  • We can crank out well-written papers with ease.
  • We have the best literary magazine in the country, championship athletic teams, students who win all kinds of science and math prizes, an awesome theater program, an award-winning robotics team, and tons of clubs for every interest group from mock trial to hip-hop to Anime.
  • If you can conceive it, you can do it.

Okay, that was 12 things. We just want you to know how much we love Catlin Gabel!

—Julia Ruby, Liza Goodstein, and Anthony Lin, class of 2009

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