Focus on Giving: The Power of the Catlin Gabel Endowment

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Through a strong endowment, Catlin Gabel is empowered to admit the best and brightest students throughout the region. The other half of the Campaign for Arts and Minds is an effort to increase the Catlin Gabel endowment, especially those funds designated to support our financial aid program. The value of ensuring that qualified students are able to enroll regardless of financial means goes beyond the obvious. As this issue of the Caller so thoroughly reports, the tremendous, often times life-changing impact that financial aid has on an individual student is reason enough to inspire support for this effort; however, it’s also what that student gives back to the school that seals the deal. Inclusivity brings to campus increased potential for leaders to evolve, for differing perspectives to be debated, and for learning to be truly experiential. With students attending from all corners of the Portland metro area, we ensure the richest possible body of inquiry and exploration that would otherwise be lost from the school if we were not able to fulfill our commitment to financial aid.
We have a long-term vision that Catlin Gabel may one day be in the position of having its entire financial aid budget funded by endowment income. With the amount we historically take from the endowment each year ranging from 3% to 4.5%, this would require up to $50 million in endowed financial aid funds. As of June 30, our endowed financial aid funds are valued at $7 million. This is a tall order, but we will not lose sight of this goal. Our work to increase endowed financial aid funds continues, one donor at a time.
Many donors are pleased to learn that a named fund can be established at Catlin Gabel with a gift of $25,000. Existing fund holders often decide to continue contributions, adding to their fund’s value. Over time, these funds can grow to a point where they provide significant income for financial aid. A mature $250,000 endowed fund could provide $7,500 to $11,250 per year in perpetuity—which will positively affect the lives of deserving students and ultimately enrich the Catlin Gabel experience.
Clare Hamill, trustee and co-chair of the Campaign for Arts and Minds, puts it best:

I have been a staunch advocate for the financial aid program at Catlin Gabel ever since my daughter Ann Pyne ’07 enrolled as a 9th grader in 2003. In both my personal and professional lives, I have witnessed the incredible outcomes reached when diverse minds come together. Working internationally and collaborating with colleagues on every major continent requires one to adapt to a variety of different perspectives, and quickly. Our children are stepping into a workforce that is increasingly on a world stage, and we only do them justice by ensuring they have the working knowledge and life experiences that will allow them to thrive. I believe that increasing access to Catlin Gabel is the foundation of this commitment.

If you are interested in learning more about Catlin Gabel’s endowment and endowed funds, visit or contact Eileen Andersen, director of development, at or 503-297-1894 ext. 306.