Focus on Giving: Make an Impact, Leave a Legacy

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From the Autumn 2012 Caller

"My family has been associated with Catlin Gabel for three generations. Each generation has experienced a different school but one that kept faithful to the ideals set forth by Ruth Catlin and Priscilla Gabel.

"We need schools where students learn about honor, community, and an appreciation of working to achieve goals. Such a school will produce the leaders of tomorrow, leaders in all aspects of life.

"Making a legacy gift to Catlin Gabel is one way to continue giving in the future to something you believe in and support." —Nancy Johnsrud Dudley ’59 (left, with husband Stephen Dudley)

To learn more about making a gift of your own, call Joan Gardner in the Catlin Gabel development office at 503-297-1984 ext. 308.

The Ruth Catlin and Priscilla Gabel Legacy Society