Annual Report 2011: Case Study in Volunteerism

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The Campaign for Arts and Minds Committee

From the Fall 2011 Caller

 A great illustration of the enormous impact that a volunteer committee of fundraisers can have on an institution can be found right here at Catlin Gabel in the Campaign for Arts and Minds Committee. Currently numbering nine members, the group reconstituted over the summer of 2010 when the board of trustees voted to re-launch the capital campaign for endowment and the Creative Arts Center.

The committee meets monthly and receives weekly updates from the development office on the progress of solicitations. The group also serves as a sounding board for the path and vision of the overall campaign strategy. A mixture of trustees, alumni, parents, and parents of alumni, the committee members keep an ear to the ground for many of Catlin Gabel’s different groups of constituents.
“Ours isn’t the kind of work that people may think of when they hear volunteer fundraising,” says Alix Meier Goodman ’71, who is an alumna, a parent of two alumni, and a current trustee. “We’re not dialing for dollars, per se. Our work with this campaign entails meaningful conversations with people and foundations, listening to their interests and successfully matching those with Catlin Gabel’s need to improve its arts programs. Giving is joyful! It’s enormously rewarding to connect donors so there is both maximum impact for the school and satisfaction on their part. I could not think of any other institution or project that I’d rather dedicate my time to than Catlin Gabel’s Campaign for Arts and Minds.”
Campaign for Arts and Minds Committee

Clare Hamill
Craig Hartzman
John Gilleland
Al Glowasky
Alix Meier Goodman ’71
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
Mark Holliday
Bill Lazar
Walter McMonies, Jr. ’65