2012 Gambol Committee

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I am pleased to announce the 2012 Gambol Committee. It is not too late to get involved. Please contact Kecia Welt if you would like to join the fun!

2012 Gambol Committee


Leadership Team

Karen Hoke, Communications Chair
Jill Eberwein, Patron Co-Chair
Alex Druker, Patron Co-Chair
Laurine Apolloni, Wine Procurement Team
Jeremy Karp, Wine Procurment Team
Ed McDonald, Wine Procurement Team
Keri Smith, Party & Entertainment Chair
Tina Koehler, Student Art Project Chair
Zoe Edelen Hare, Procurement Leadership Team
Colleen Maslen, Procurement Leadership Team
Stacie Beckerman, Procurement Leadership Team
Cath Swanston, Procurement Leadership Team
Megan Galaher, PFA Liaison



Gina Wand
Tina Skouras
Susan Bowes
Sarah Stascausky
Dina Meier
Tanja Eppler
Annabel George
Kymberly Herbst
Sharon Richardson
Li Li
Kirstie Fournier
Kirsten Brady