Job shadow opportunities for teens

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The following job shadows are offered by Catlin Gabel parents and faculty-staff. Thank you, donors! If you have questions, please email Gambol volunteer Cath Swantston at


Kim Kovel, Nike Brand Jordan: Immerse yourself in the world of Brand Jordan with a day in the life of the color design director and CG parent Kim Kovel! You'll start the day with a tour of the Nike campus that ends in the Michael Jordan building. There, you will receive an overview of the product creation process and visit the materials library. After lunch you'll design your own color palette and apply it to a capsule collection of footwear and apparel.

Chris Nelson, Capstone Partners: Enter the world of real estate development by shadowing Chris Nelson, co-founding principal of Capstone Partners. Experience the process of construction from concept to design to building as developers work alongside architects, engineers, and contractors.

James and Kricken Yaker, Vanillawood: Vanillawood is a small design-build firm led by husband and wife team James and Kricken Yaker. Vanillawood focuses on creating spaces that use detailed organic and green building materials combined with contemporary finishes. They strive to incorporate urban design with comfort, function, and luxury. Organic contemporary is their signature blueprint – open-plan living spaces where rooms breathe life into one another. In this job shadow you can enter the world of construction or design and interior, depending on interest.


Adam Lane, EcoTrust: Job shadow at EcoTrust, an environmental nonprofit committed to sustainable business development in the Pacific Northwest. Students will split the day among four departments including finance, development, communications, and geographic information systems.


Christina Kellogg Gratchner, pediatric nurse practioner: Job shadow Christina at the suburban clinic and primary care setting of Hillsboro Pediatrics LLC. Christina is also a board-certified lactation consultant.

Ann Bunnenberg, EGI: science in action: Look into the world of designing, manufacturing, and marketing neuroimaging systems around the world by spending a day shadowing Ann Bunnenberg, Ph.D., J.D., president of Electrical Geodesics, Inc. (EGI). EGI employs scientists skilled in neuroscience, education, psychopathology, computational physics, computational science, and statistics. They also employ software and manufacturing engineers. EGI includes science, law, and clinical work in their corporate management. Transportation to and from the office in Eugene is included.

Dr. Bruce Johnson, ear, nose, & throat physician: Part of the day (most likely a Tuesday or Thursday) will be spent observing patient care in the office, and the rest of the day observing surgery in an on-site ambulatory surgery center. Dr. Johnson practices in Salem, but we can provide transportation if needed.

Dr. David Maslen, primary care physician: Primary care may not be glamorous, but it can be fun. “Medical students and high school kids rotate through my clinic regularly and we always have a good time,” says Dr. Maslen. “I block out lots of slots so we can discuss what we have seen and review some theory. Primary care is about medicine, sure, but it’s mostly about people and relationships.”

Dr. Madhu Murthy, internal medicine: Shadow Dr. Murthy while seeing patients in his clinic, Cedar Creek Internal Medicine, to get an understanding of the practice of medicine--particularly if you are considering this as a career choice. The job shadow would be for four hours a day, except on Fridays.

Dr. Thomas T. Ward, infectious disease physician: Spend a day following Dr. Ward around the V.A. Medical Center and OHSU. See patients, meet other physicians, and learn what it is like to be a student at OHSU.

Dr. Slate Wilson, EGS/trauma surgeon: Shadow Dr. Wilson at OHSU. You may participate in anatomical studies on human cadavers or learn how they care for sick patients in the trauma ICU. Dr. Wilson is open to following the student’s interest.


Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, Oregon State Senator: You can take part in two days of shadowing, one on the campaign trail between March and November, and the other during the legislative session. Open to high school students or adults.


Dr. Christine Ortner, veterinarian: Work alongside a small animal veterinarian at Cascade Summit Animal Hospital in West Linn.


Anders Bergstrom, musician, 8 Ball Recording Studio: Spend a full day of basic tracking at 8-Ball recording studio with engineer and producer Rob Stroup (Tony Furtado, Drunken Prayer, Baseboard Heaters, Naomi Hooley, Chris Robley) and session drummer Anders Bergstrom (Tony Furtado, My oh My’s, Climber, Scott Fisher), learning the ins and outs of preliminary tracking at one of the most in-demand studios in Portland. Job shadow is available Saturday, March 31, 2012, or on a mutually agreeable date during the summer.


Animation and CGI at Laika
A Tour of LAIKA/house: Ever wonder what happens behind the doors of an animation studio? Get a peek at the magic created by our commercial studio LAIKA/house, where we create animated advertising and content for iconic brands like M&Ms, Planters, Toys R Us, Apple, and Frito Lay. You might even see some Coraline surprises during your visit. The value is priceless: LAIKA hosts only a small number of tours every year, so this is a rare treat. This 90-minute tour is limited to 10 people and must be scheduled at least one month in advance around the studio's production schedule. Open to students over 13 years of age and adults. Content shown on the tour is not appropriate for most kids 13 years and younger.

Marine Biology – Swim with Florida’s manatees
Next January, 13 lucky people will swim with the endangered Florida manatee with 6th grade science teacher and former manatee biologist Larry Hurst. Sensitive to cold, many manatees migrate each winter from the Gulf of Mexico to the warmer spring-fed waters (72 degrees) of Kings Bay and the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. Early morning we’ll board our flattop boat for a short ride to the main springs, where we’ll anchor and slip into the water to swim with a dozen or more friendly, curious manatees. We’ll let the manatees decide how and when they will interact with us. We will carefully follow federal guidelines that protect the manatees from harassment and exclusion from critical feeding areas. Among the manatees we will also see large fish such as tarpon, jacks, snapper, and spotted gar. Other activities on this trip include a bird watching cruise around Kings Bay, and a canoe paddle up and drift snorkel down the crystal-clear Rainbow River, where we will swim with an incredible diversity of freshwater fish and turtles. Our base for this trip will be the comfortable Plantation Inn, where we will rent suits and snorkel gear.

➢ Friday, January 18: afternoon-evening flight to Orlando
➢ Saturday, January 19: Morning meet in Orlando. Afternoon cruise on Kings Bay
➢ Sunday, January 20: Morning snorkel with manatees. Afternoon snorkel at Rainbow River
➢ Monday, January 21: Morning snorkel with manatees. Return to Orlando.

Trip includes:
2 nights at the Plantation Resort on Crystal River
1 afternoon boat tour on King’s Bay
2 morning Crystal River manatee snorkel trips by pontoon boat
Wet suit and snorkel gear
1 afternoon Rainbow River snorkel trip by canoe
All meals
Ground transportation in Florida

Does not include airfare to Florida
Participants can be adults or youth
Unaccompanied youth must be 6th grade or older (at time of trip), a competent swimmer, and self-starter
Accompanied youth must be at least an average swimmer