5th grade students organize walkathon for Japan

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Save Japan With Your Own Two Feet

Monday, May 23
2:15 – 3 p.m.
Catlin Gabel Track

Donate online

The entire Catlin Gabel community is invited to join the 5th grade for a walkathon to help the healing efforts in Japan. All proceeds will benefit Mercy Corps' Japan relief efforts.

Seeking pledges is a completely voluntary activity, but we’d love for everyone to walk. If you and your child decide to ask friends and family for pledges (with your guidance and supervision), that’s great. We’re asking folks to donate online.

During the walkathon, parent volunteers will punch lap cards to help students keep track of their laps so donors know how much to give, even if kids aren’t participating in the pledge part. The “punches” are a badge of honor for the kids and have, historically, spurred on even more walking.

The walkathon was inspired by fifth grader Macey Ferron-Jones and has been organized by fifth grade volunteers, who have donated their recess time to the effort.

"When I heard about the earthquake in Japan, I found a YouTube video and I just felt sad for the Japanese people," said Macey Ferron-Jones. "My dad has a friend who has relatives in Japan and I have a friend who has a relative in Japan. I was wondering what they were going through, thinking it must be really tough. When we started talking about it at morning meeting, I was reminded of the Haiti walkathon and how fifth graders in the past have stepped up to help, and I thought if they could do it, why couldn't I?" 

Questions? Get in touch with 5th grade teacher Maggie Bendicksen.