Access the mobile website for smart phones and tablets

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Desktop computers
On desktop computers, pull down the Quick Links menu on the home page; select Directory. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to type in your user name and password. 


Smart phones and tablets
Smart phone and tablet users will see that the mobile website features immediate access to the directory. Once you access the mobile website, you’ll have the Catlin Gabel app icon on your phone or tablet. (This could look different on different types of phones or tablets.)

This is what the app icon looks like on iPhones.

This is what the website looks like on smart phones and tablets



Apple iPhones

Go to your browser and type “” into the URL bar.

The mobile version of our website will automatically appear.

Use the arrow sign to select the website.

Select “bookmark” from the menu.


Android Phones

Go to your browser and search for Catlin Gabel.

The mobile version of our website will automatically appear.

Select “bookmark” from the menu.


Accessing the directory from your phone

Log in to use the directory. If you don’t log out, you can access the directory without logging in next time.



Why don't we have a printed directory anymore?
By discontinuing the printed directory we save trees and cease publishing a document that is out of date the moment it goes to print. The online directory and class lists are always accurate. New students, families, and faculty-staff are added right away. Moves and contact information changes are reflected immediately.

Where is the handbook?
The handbook is posted as a flip book in the parent section of the website. Please review this important document before school begins.

But I want a printed directory! Can I get one?
Don’t despair if you simply cannot manage without a print version of the directory. You can print the entire school directory, or limit your printout to a single division or single class. Click on “Printable View.” 

What else is on the mobile version of the website?
The most frequently accessed information is right up front. Click on Today at Catlin Gabel for calendar information, the lunch menu, and athletic schedules. A pull-down menu and search tool allow you to access all other areas of the website.

Have other independent schools gone to paperless directories?
Yes, schools in Silicon Valley led the way. Others are following suit. Our colleagues at schools that have made the switch say that everyone adjusts quickly.

How was this decision made?
We’ve been talking about the disadvantages of the print directory for several years. Last year, our website user statistics indicated that most Catlin Gabel families have smart phones and all families have computer access. That gave us the confidence to make the decision. Several staff members experimented with going paperless and didn’t miss the print directory after the initial adjustment period. We checked in with last year’s PFA leadership to see what they thought. They fully endorsed the paperless plan. To quote, “It’s time!”

Who should I call if I need help?
Catlin Gabel’s IT team is available to answer questions. Email However, you might want to ask a kid first. They like being smarter than grown-ups.

The contents of this article were taken from a letter emailed to all families and faculty-staff on August 21, 2013.