The Upswing of ADHD

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The Gifts of ADHD

A parent recently came to talk to me about how she has moved through a wonderful journey of worrying about her child who has ADHD to feeling that in many ways it is a blessing.  It is my belief that parents go through a series of steps when they learn their child may have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).  In the beginning, parents may feel a sense of denial or panic.  Some parents may feel alone or become amazing information seekers.  Either way there is often an initial struggle while coming to terms with what the diagnosis means. 

Once the initial shock is over, I often see parents enter another step where they are working to perfect the systems for
managing ADHD.  They become excellent planners, problem solvers, educators, and in some cases excellent medication managers.  In this stage, parents often learn how to manage the diagnosis.  They cope with the struggles and figure out how to make the most of out of each and every day.  They quickly become knowledgeable about what works or doesn’t work for their child. 
The final stage of accepting this diagnosis is an understanding that although there maybe struggles and frustrations, there are actually many bright spots about the diagnosis.  People with ADHD tend to exhibit great creativity, enthusiasm, innovation, and empathy.  Although sometimes a frustration, the hyper-focus aspect of the disorder can prove to be a great strength as well.  I have seen amazing things created out of this hyper-focus.  One only needs to see an elaborate city made of Legos to know this to be true.  When a parent can see the wonderful benefits that come with this diagnosis they can truly accept their child for who they are.  Reaching a point where you see this diagnosis as a gift is an empowering step to make.  We all have our parts to play in the world and we all have gifts to share as well.