"So Many Doors Have Opened"

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A True Legacy, A Heartfelt Gift

Catlin Gabel recently received a gift that exemplifies legacy. It came from the late George Ettelson ’42, a lifelong donor to Catlin Gabel since graduating from the Gabel Country Day School. He believed strongly in Catlin Gabel’s mission and wanted to show his support for the school both during his lifetime and after.

George believed in supporting financial aid. Although he helped the school in many ways, the biggest effect he and his wife Helene had on Catlin Gabel was the establishment of three endowed scholarship funds. One was founded in his name and two honor his sisters, both Miss Catlin’s School graduates. These scholarships were awarded to many students throughout George’s lifetime, helping numerous families afford a Catlin Gabel education, while enhancing the school’s learning environment.

George also wanted to invest in Catlin Gabel’s future. He set up a bequest gift to further support the scholarships he established. After his death in February 2007, the school received significant funds directed towards the three endowed scholarships the Ettelsons had established.

George laid the foundation for supporting the school and our students during his lifetime, and made plans to ensure the strength of these funds after his passing. Students will continue to attend Catlin Gabel because of George, doing their best to honor George and his family both while they are here and after they graduate. Generations of those students will go on to achieve great success throughout their lives. That is George Ettelson’s legacy at Catlin Gabel.

"I'm lucky to be here"

Dear scholarship donor,

I’m so grateful for all the opportunities Catlin Gabel has given me, and all the great people I’ve met. This community is very special, and I know I’m lucky to be here. Thank you so much for the chance to attend this school. I’m immeasurably thankful for my education, and to the doors it has opened for me. Your scholarship fund is definitely not going to waste.

—Student, class of 2009

Why Does Rummage Matter? Student Captains Answer

I took on the role of Rummage Sale captain because I wanted to actively participate in Catlin Gabel’s effort to raise money for financial aid. As clichéd as that may sound, I’m aware that financial aid is the determining factor in the diverse population at Catlin Gabel and I would like to see it become more diverse in years to come. (By diverse I mean economically, culturally, and geographically.) The students make Catlin Gabel the unique institution it is, and I encourage the growth of a dynamic, well-rounded student body.

—Jordan Bellman '08

I chose to be a captain because I have been at Catlin Gabel for such a long time and I wanted to give back to the school. I value the sense of schoolwide effort during the Rummage Sale. When all the teachers and students come together for the common goal of raising money for financial aid, it creates a very special sense of community. It is not only an important tradition but a bonding experience that produces truly remarkable results. The fact that some of my best friends are on financial aid helps me understand just how important the Rummage Sale is, and I was happy to take on the leadership role.

—Natalie Wilcox '08

Did You Know. . .

Our commitment to socioeconomic diversity began back when Miss Catlin's School offered scholarships to students in need of tuition assistance?

"It wouldn’t be possible without you"

Dear Scholarship Donor,

On the whole, I am more grateful than it is possible to write in a letter for the opportunity to become a student at Catlin Gabel; it wouldn’t be possible without you. I hope you realize how much of an impact you have had on my life. The high school that someone goes to greatly affects how a person lives and who he or she becomes. By giving me this opportunity, so many doors have opened that wouldn’t even have been in sight if I went anywhere else. I believe this is the greatest gift a person can be given, and there is no way to tell someone how much something like that is appreciated. . . . I hope to show my appreciation in actuality with how I use this opportunity and what I make of it.

— Student, Class of 2010

What’s the Legacy Society?

The Ruth Catlin and Priscilla Gabel Legacy Society recognizes people who name Catlin Gabel in their will or in another type of estate plan arrangement, and resulting gifts become a permanent part of the school’s endowment. Currently, we have over 80 members.

"Such a good place for me"

Dear Scholarship Donor,

Catlin Gabel has been such a good place for me, and I know I’ve changed as a student, friend, and person. I owe all my change to you because you have supported me through this experience. Your financial contribution made it so I could take advantage of this education, and I am indebted to you for this.

—Student, Class of 2009