Catlin Gabel News Autumn 08

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News from around Honey Hollow
The 5th graders' billboard

The Oregonian ran a story in August about how Tharinda Shu ’15 convinced Clear Channel Communications to donate a billboard about sustainability, drawn by three 5th graders. The billboard, on a busy Beaverton intersection, was up for a month. . . . Placing in the top five in the nation in their categories in the national French contest (out of more than 100,000 students) were Yale Fan ’10, Paul Krums ’11, Fiona Noonan ’13, Anna Orban ’09, Jemma Pritchard ’12, and Jessica Ramirez ’10. . . . Noah Chanti ’20 and Lauren Mei Calora ’20 received “superior” ratings in the Oregon Federation of Music Clubs Festival. . . . In athletics, the girls track and field team won the state championship. The girls 4x400 meter relay team set a new state record by 3 seconds and eclipsed the school record by 7 seconds. Both the boys golf and tennis teams finished third in state. . . . Coach John Hamilton, former coach Tim Scott, and alumni Alec MacColl ’05 and David Schwartz ’05 competed together this summer in the Quail Valley speed golf tournament. Tim came in 1st, John 3rd, Alec 4th, and David 6th.


This spring a committee appointed by Upper School head Michael Heath examined questions of workload for Upper School students. Committee members—faculty, students, and parents—took a wide-ranging look at our informal guidelines, taking into account survey responses and interviews of people from all parts of the Upper School community. They explored all the time demands on our students, while seeking to preserve the school’s rigorous academic program. The committee reached consensus on a number of recommendations, which will be put into place on an experimental basis this year, centered on balancing the work load so that students are able to complete all their daily assignments and avoid excessive amounts of work during certain “crunch” periods of the year.


John Keyes with Caitlin Carlson ’00

John Keyes has retired after 22 years at the school. He was head of the Upper School 1986–95, then stayed on to teach history (his first love) and serve as college counselor. John was instrumental in starting Mock Trial and the school’s baseball program, and he served many years on the faculty-staff forum. “We will miss John,” said Lark Palma. “He brought to the school an elegant sense of integrity, balance, and fairmindedness. He was always able to see the many sides of an issue.” John looks forward to spending time with his new grandchildren and doing volunteer work with students in the Portland community. . . .

Lynda Jones

Upper School science teacher Lynda Jones has retired to care for her parents after 30 years at CGS. Lynda received a 1999 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, and she was named Outstanding Biology Teacher for Oregon in 2003-04 by the National Association of Biology Teachers. “I have appreciated the opportunities Catlin Gabel has given me to know some wonderful people and to form many warm and enduring friendships. I look forward to seeing everyone on my return visits to Portland,” she says. . . . Anne Santa, Catlin Gabel’s first counselor for Beginning and Lower Schools, moved in June to New York, where her husband began a new job. She plans to write a book on recess and explore new work opportunities with children and families. She served as counselor for 10 years. . . . Also retiring this year were longtime Lower School teacher Fran Snell and kindergarten teaching assistant Alice Gachupin.

Thanks to Karen Katz ’74 for her work compiling material for the “All-School News,” a source for this news page.