Celebrating and Supporting Our Top Priorities

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By Lark Palma, head of school

Independent research has confirmed what we already knew: our community cares deeply about the arts, financial aid, and strengthening Catlin Gabel’s financial future. In addition to building the Arts Center, we plan to broaden and deepen our community by increasing our endowment for student financial aid—a pillar of a strong school. We will also focus on raising funds for general endowment, to support our teachers and programs and to make the school accessible. In order to benefit today’s freshmen and sophomores, and minimize rising construction costs for the Arts Center, we aim to raise significant funding for the arts by spring of 2009. Simultaneously, the school will raise money for endowment— and we are equally committed to both priorities. You will read in future Caller issues about our commitment to financial aid and the role of endowment in our school’s immediate and extended future.