CG letter jackets available now

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We are partnering with LaHaie’s, an Oregon family-owned business, to make a Catlin Gabel letter jacket. LaHaie’s uses northwest-produced 100% wool fabric. The jackets are manufactured in Portland, and all patches and embroidery are locally made.

LaHaie’s will be on campus with sample jackets on Monday, December 5, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the gym. If you would like to check sizes, they will make note if it for future orders. If you are ready to order now, they can help you.

The jackets come in many different sizes, including children’s sizes for Beehivers.

You may purchase the jacket alone, or add any of the patches listed below.

Base price for letter jacket: $177

Add patches on the front
First and/or last name: $22
Blue varsity letter: provided by student (no charge)
White JV/activity letter: $15
Graduation year: $24

Add patches on the back
Catlin Gabel: $44
Eagle mascot: $85
“Eagles” script: $44

Add sleeve patch only
Tree logo: $39

Sewing patches on: $40

Total for jacket with patches on front and sleeve only: $300
Total for jacket with all patches: $475

Order jackets at LaHaie's Jackets, 503-648-2341