Rummage Memory Pages

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We posted giant pages at the last Rummage Sale for shoppers and volunteers to add their memories. Here are some of their responses.
From the Winter 2010 Caller
“Walked through Rummage while starting labor contractions. Continued on and got all shopping accomplished. Daughter born 11/4/01 and now attends 2nd grade at Catlin Gabel.”
— Rummage shopper and CGS parent
“The Journal Building—laughing in the paperback book section with Debby Schauffler ’70 and Lynne Cartwright ’69, in 1967 or so.”
— Erik Bergman ’69
“My kids are 23 and 31. We’ve been coming here since they were 1 and 7. They have grown up in Catlin Gabel 'specials' and learned how to shop carefully here. Thanks to you for the place where they could make mistakes cheaply.”
— Rummage shopper
“Running with the bulls!”
— Luke Mones ’10
“We don’t have a lot of $$, and we were able to get a ton of racks and a display case for our store. Thank you so much!”
— Annie and Carlee, Fat Fancy
“I’ve been to most sales and still have treasures from the first one—especially a dress I bought for 50 cents and got lots of compliments on! Sorry to see it end."
— Lou Layko, 82, Brush Prairie, Washington
“There’s nothing like wearing a Catlin Gabel roustabout hat or working here as a cashier with your friends. Thanks for all the memories!”
— Esichang McGautha ’12
“The end of the annual rummage sale will leave a big, gaping hole in my fall events calendar, but as George Harrison taught us so long ago, all things must pass. Goodbye and thanks to all for your hard work and beautiful, friendly spirits.”
— Rummage shopper