Best Buys Over the Years

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Reponses from campus community members to "What was the coolest thing you ever bought at Rummage?"
From the Winter 2010 Caller

Collected by Zanny Allport '10 and excerpted from CatlinSpeak, the student newspaper

Allen Schauffler
Beginning School teacher
My engagement ring. There’s a good story to go with it.
Kent Hayes ’10
Antique all-brass forest firefighting pump.
Len Carr ’75
Middle School dean of students
A 1988 VW Jetta that was in perfect condition, donated by former science teacher Lowell Herr, who had kept it up perfectly and meticulously.
Nance Leonhardt
Upper School teacher
Three identical hot-pink and white wooden signs that say “Merry Christmas.”
Karen Katz ’74
Communications director
Hundreds of dollars worth of Brio wooden trains and tracks I bought for about $35 when my sons were little guys. I am saving the Brio for grandchildren.
Keenan Jay ’10
Air Jordan 5s circa 1990. Freaking tight!
Hannah Whitehead
Head of the Beginning School
A folding kayak we bought in the 1980s. It was in pieces and no one knew if all of them were there, so we got it at a bargain price. It turned out that only the rudder was missing, so we made one, and had many happy hours on the Willamette with it.