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Life After Catlin Gabel

From the Summer 2011 Caller

On a lively and enlightening evening in May, the alumni and college counseling programs hosted a panel of alumni and students who discussed their experiences at Catlin Gabel and how their education prepared them for what they are doing today.
“Life after Catlin Gabel: Alumni and Student Voices” grew out of discussions among people in all divisions of the school, as we considered the question of how to demonstrate the long-term value of a Catlin Gabel education. This was an opportunity to reflect where a Catlin Gabel education may lead and how the school and student experiences here set up our alumni to achieve the goal of being bold learners for a lifetime.
In response to the question about academic challenges faced here, and what is learned from that experience, Riley Gibson ’04 replied, “It’s okay not to have the answer, but you have a foundation to figure it out. Curiosity and unstructured thought gives you an amount of confidence to find the answer.”
Our alumni know how to plan, self-evaluate, solve complex problems, and nourish their curiosity—the skills needed to succeed in college and career. Our panelists and moderator beautifully personified Catlin Gabel’s mission.
We are inspired by the shared experiences of the panel participants and by the outstanding alumni profiled in this issue of the magazine. Wishing you a summer filled with marvelous memories. We’d love to hear your stories.
Lauren Dully Hubbard ’91, alumni and community relations program director
Markus Hutchins ’02, alumni board president

Life After Catlin Gabel” panel. Back, L to R: Peter Bromka ’00, BA in anthropology from Tufts University, design researcher at IDEO, a global design firm, Riley Gibson ’04, BS in business management from Babson College, co-founder and CEO of Napkin Labs, Josh Langfus ’11; Henry Gordon ’11. Front, L to R: Rivfka Shenoy ’09, attending Washington University; moderator Rukaiyah Adams ’91, BA from Carleton College, JD and MBA from Stanford University, consultant for Plum District and Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Rebecca Kropp ’11; Lauren Dully Hubbard ’91, BA from University of Washington and CGS alumni relations director; and Leslie Nelson ’10, attending Pitzer College.

P.S. Save the date for fall’s alumni events: Los Angeles alumni gathering on Thursday, September 15, and Homecoming on Friday, September 30!

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