Alumni News Spring 2010

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From the Spring 2010 Caller

We are about relationships.

Keeping you informed and connected to the Catlin Gabel community is a top priority for our alumni program. Providing opportunities for our alumni to come together, re-connect, and network is our commitment to you. We do this through events such as homecoming, alumni weekend, the Gambol auction, opportunities for alumni to speak at the school or participate in classes with our students, and social gatherings for alumni outside the Portland area. We hope you have had a chance to join our events and activities at the school, because your involvement keeps our community strong and strengthens the future of Catlin Gabel alums to come.
The alumni board plays an integral part in connecting our community of alumni to the school. We are grateful for the commitment of the volunteers on the alumni board, including Adam Keefer ’98, who has completed his term as president. His extraordinary commitment and dedication, as well as his insight and wisdom, brought a thoughtful quality to our expanding alumni program. We thank him for his longevity of service to the school and continued guidance in the future.
Please join us in welcoming our incoming alumni officers Markus Hutchins ’02, president, and Susie Greenebaum ’05, secretary (right). Markus and Susie are both proven leaders (and, by the way, lifers). They bring new ideas, passion, and enthusiasm to continue the momentum of our alumni program.
We welcome your ideas and questions about how we might serve you better. Please drop by or call us any time with your thoughts and comments. Have a wonderful summer.
Lauren Dully Hubbard ’91, alumni and community relations program director
Lesley Sepetoski, alumni and community relations officer