Traditions Seen Through Two Seniors' Eyes

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From the Winter 2010-11 Caller

Passionate learning
By Sarah Lowenstein ’11

A childhood amidst the towering trees of the Fir Grove, forming stars during the sword dance, performing St. George, and traveling to the Pumpkin Patch with my 1st grade buddy represent some of the traditions at Catlin Gabel that encapsulate its atmosphere of experiential and passionate learning.
As I reflect on my time at Catlin Gabel, a smile appears on my face. My soccer coach asked me this year, “Will you miss Catlin next year?” Without hesitation I responded, “Yes,” in a nostalgic, but optimistic tone. My most cherished memories of Catlin Gabel stem from the relationships I have fostered with my teachers and peers. The school’s unique aspects start with the individualized attention students receive, and the teachers’ devotion to the students. Catlin Gabel students develop a passion for learning beyond the grade.
Spending the majority of my life at Catlin Gabel, time didn’t pass like a routine. The traditions and community on campus makes every day at school irreplaceable. In kindergarten I sat on my knees in the Cabell Center, mesmerized, by the play St. George. This annual production became a highlight of the year, and by second grade I decided I wanted to be Queen William. Then in 8th grade my six-year aspiration became a reality as I paraded across the stage as Queen William. The traditions keep the community strong, and unite the classes involved. The values at Catlin Gabel help students evolve into intellectual, passionate, and ambitious individuals ready for new experiences with a smile.

Some aspects of Catlin Gabel will never change
By Kate Posner ’11

I began school at Catlin Gabel as a preschooler, so I have seen the school go through countless changes over the years. Moving through all the grade levels I saw changes in teachers, administrators, and students. Though not all of these changes were positive, they all had a profound effect on the school as a whole. When I first started attending, younger children waited for their parents to pick them up at the old Crossroads building. In its place now stands the Upper School library, one of many significant changes I have seen during my 14 years at this school. But some aspects of Catlin Gabel will never change. Upper School students will always memorize the school chapter, and it will be imprinted in their memories forever. The bonfire after the homecoming game will eternally be a source of excitement, and 1st graders will always tentatively step out into the Paddock to perform the Maypole dance at Spring Festival. The traditions of Catlin Gabel may evolve over time, and changes will continue to occur whether they are for the best or not— but we can all expect traditions to hold a special place in our community.