CGS community saddened by the loss of Harold Schnitzer

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The Catlin Gabel community mourns the loss of Harold Schnitzer, a Catlin Gabel parent and grandparent and one of the state's foremost philanthropists. He died on April 27, 2011.

Head of school Lark Palma said, "Harold was a devoted father and grandfather who rejoiced in watching his granddaughters perform at school events. All of Portland as well as this school benefited from his generosity and kind spirit. The Beginning School was built in part by his generosity, and most lately he supported our planned creative arts center, where the Middle School drama classroom will bear his name. His support of the school's CommuniCare program enabled students to form their own philanthropic organization, investigate need in the community, and be a part of the effort to improve the lives of citizens in the Portland community. We will miss his gentle presence."

For more on Harold Schnitzer's life and a video of his son Jordan Schnitzer '69 giving a heartful tribute to this wonderful man, see this KOIN-TV report.