Spring 2012 sports wrap-up

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Golf, track & field, tennis, and baseball

Boys Golf

Team: district champions, 2nd at state

Connor Oliver: district champion, 1st team all-district, tied for 4th at state, 1st team all-state

Walter Sherry: 3rd at district, 1st team all-district
Brendan Edelson: 5th at district, 1st team all-district
James Furnary: 2nd team all-district

Girls Golf

Team: second at districts, 5th at state
Logan Smesrud: second team all-district
Maggie McCarron: second team all-district
Cydney Smith: honorable mention all-district
Brooke Edelson: honorable mention all-district

Girls Track

Team: 1st at district, 2nd at state
State Top 8 Finishers:
Mariah Morton: state champion in long jump and triple jump
Mariah Morton, Adele English, Cammy Edwards, Fiona Noonan, and Gabby Bishop: state champions in 4X 400 relay
Cammy Edwards: 2nd in 300 hurdles and high hurdles
Mariah Morton, Adele English, Cammy Edwards, Audrey Davis, and Talia Quatraro: 2nd place in 4x100 relay
Hannah Jaquiss: 3rd in the 3000, 7th in the 1500
Mckenzie Spooner: 6th in the 3000 Hannah Rotwein: 6th in the 1500

Boys Track
Team: 5th at district
State Top 8 Finishers:
Parris Joyce: 3rd in the 800
Eli Wilson Pelton: 6th in the high hurdles, 7th in the 300 hurdles
David Lovitz: 8th in the high jump
Ian Smith, Eli Wilson Pelton, Parris Joyce, David Lovitz Chris Belluschi, and Cody Hoyt: 7th in 4x100 relay

Girls Tennis

Team: 5th at state 

Kate Rubenstein: 3rd at district, 3rd at state

Boys Tennis

Team: 2nd at district, 2nd at state 

Andrew Salvador: district runner up, 2nd at state

Evan Hallmark and Sammy Lubitz: 3rd in district, 3rd in state


Team record 2-13 

Evan Brandaw: 2nd team all-district

Tucker Gordon: 2nd team all-district

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