Giving Back: Why I Support Catlin Gabel

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From the Winter 2011-12 Caller

Maril Davis ’90
Alumni board member and Los Angeles alumni chapter representative 

“Catlin Gabel holds a special place in my heart. I loved my time there and will gladly wax poetic about my experience to anyone willing to listen and often do! From trips to Arago to St. George and the Dragon to Chaucer Day, I have so many wonderful memories. Catlin Gabel is more than a school, it is a community. As a student, I felt like the teachers truly cared about the students and in turn, the students cared about the teachers. It was common to see a good portion of the Upper School faculty at our soccer games or track meets after school. And their attendance was not a requirement: it was a choice. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I realized that not everyone has this experience. Not everyone comes out of high school prepared for the challenges ahead, both academically and in life. Catlin Gabel is hard work, but that hard work pays off. For me, being a member of the Catlin Gabel family is part of who I am as a person. And that’s the reason I support the school every year. I want Catlin Gabel to remain the special school that it is, and I want to give other people the chance to have the amazing experience I did.”
(Photo: Heather O'Leary McStay '90 and Maril Davis '90)

Ingrid Van Valkenburg ’10
Alumni relations intern and class liaison

“It was not until my freshman year of college, when I started working for the Scripps College Annual Fund as a phonathon caller, that I began to fully appreciate why it is important to support my alma mater. Of the many good reasons to support or donate to Catlin Gabel, three in particular have persuaded me to give. First, and foremost, I give to Catlin Gabel because I am proud to have attended the school. Second, I give to Catlin Gabel because I know that tuition does not cover the full cost of educating every student. And, last, and most treasured, I give to Catlin Gabel to pay forward the exceptional educational and personal growth opportunities Catlin Gabel provided me, so that Catlin Gabel will continue to thrive and nurture many generations to come.”
(Photo: Ingrid Van Valkenburg '10 [center] with classmates)

Alec Bromka ’05 and Rose McClendon ’02
Alumni volunteers and NYC alumni chapter members 

“We are enormously grateful for our educational experience at Catlin Gabel. Catlin fostered our curiosity and commitment to serving others, truly giving us the skills to engage and succeed in our lives as alumni. We support the school in order that future students from all communities will continue to benefit from all that Catlin Gabel offers.” (Photo, right: Alec Bromka '05 and Rose McClendon '02)


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