Focus on Giving: Tuition on the Track

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Launching a tradition for financial aid

From the Summer 2012 Caller

Tuition on the Track represents the essence of Catlin Gabel’s mission: inspired learning leading to responsible action. What began as a single student’s idea became a successful event bringing together multigenerations to raise money for financial aid.
The walkathon notion originated as Kate Rubinstein ’12’s “agents of change” paper for her junior English class in 2011. A lifer, Kate fondly remembered everyone working together at the Rummage Sale for a common cause: raising money for financial aid. She understood why the Rummage Sale was not sustainable—too few volunteers, too much time and effort, lagging sales—but wanted future students to have a similar experience. Kate, Brooke Edelson ’12, and a great committee of seniors persuaded their classmates to make the Tuition on the Track effort their senior gift to the school and organized every aspect of the event.
“Our dream is for Tuition on the Track to become an annual tradition that makes it possible for students who could not otherwise attend Catlin Gabel to benefit from the exceptional academic and social experience our class has enjoyed together,” say Kate and Brooke. The April 12, 2012, event surpassed the $25,000 goal, raising $50,000! Best of all, students and teachers from across the school came together for an afternoon of walking, skipping, and sprinting. The feeling of doing something good together was as empowering for 1st graders as it was for seniors.
Kate envisioned raising enough money to say “yes” to one student who needed a scholarship to attend Catlin Gabel—but their tremendous effort will allow us to admit more than one exceptional student next year. As just one example, this spring we enrolled a 9th grader who has exceptional academic talent, plays two sports, and is known by his peers as a quiet and respected leader. He sought a school where his classmates were passionate about learning and his teachers would truly know him. And we were proud to be able to offer financial aid to this student who will add immensely to our community.
Students have selected a handful of juniors to ensure a second Tuition on the Track success in 2013. Alumni and parents are excited about joining future walkathons. The baton has been passed, and a tradition is launched!
Be a part of this inspiring philanthropic effort and continuum of giving back by contributing to Tuition on the Track. To make a gift, go online to www.catlin. edu/giving or call 503-297-1894 ext. 310.