Campaign for Arts & Minds: Progress Update

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From the Winter 2011-12 Caller

The effort to raise funds for the Creative Arts Center and our endowment carries on with great success! The Creative Arts Center has raised more than $4 million (or 59%) toward the $6.9 million goal. We will break ground when we reach 80%. We are getting close!
Overall, the Catlin Gabel community has contributed $13.7 million to the Campaign for Arts and Minds, most of it coming in just the last 19 months. This level of support demonstrates the high value our community places on both innovation and access.

As Lark Palma has reminded us throughout this campaign, “executing on these two fronts will allow Catlin Gabel to thrive as a national leader in education, creating generations of Portland’s brightest and most inspired learners who will make their mark.”