2009-10 Annual Report

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From the Fall 2010 Caller

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A caring community—and lots more to celebrate

I continue to be amazed by the generosity of our school community. Meeting the financial needs of the school each year is a challenge, but together we make it a priority, adding to the school’s many successes. I’m especially proud to announce that 100 percent—every single one—of our teachers made a gift this year to the school’s Annual Fund, 70 percent of our graduating seniors made gifts in support of financial aid, and more than 180 alumni, parents of alumni, and friends rallied to generate a new endowed financial aid fund in honor of Clint Darling. These are just some examples of this past year’s milestones. I thank you for being a part of it, and our students—both current and future—thank you, too.
Lark Palma, Head of School

The Clint Darling Fund is launched, and the community responds!

Our community stepped up to honor an unforgettable teacher when more than 180 donors contributed $35,000 to endow the Clint Darling Fund. This fund will support financial aid, one of Clint’s passions—and one of Catlin Gabel’s highest priorities. Here’s how important financial aid is to the school: approximately 200 students, or 27% of all Catlin Gabel families, receive some form of financial assistance this school year, for which the school allocates at least $3 million. We are grateful to all who gave—alumni, faculty-staff, families, and friends—for their commitment to honoring Clint and making financial aid available for more students. Kudos to Rukaiyah Adams ’91, Alex Bellos ’02, John Chun ’87, Dave Corkran, and Tom Tucker ’66 for championing this important effort.  

Something successful— the senior class $20.10 Campaign

In January 2010 the school launched the $20.10 campaign, asking seniors to come together as a class to participate in financial aid fundraising by donating $20.10 to the Annual Fund. Financial aid was extremely important to this senior class, with 30% receiving financial assistance. A senior giving committee convened for the first time, consisting of students Zanny Allport, Eddie Friedman, Will Jackson, Joey Lubitz, Luke Mones, Leslie Nelson, Rose Perrone, Luke Rodgers, and Matthew Trisic; and faculty-staff members Eileen Andersen, Mary Foulk, Kate Grant, Michael Heath, Ginia King, Jessica Marlitt, and Chris Potts. Thanks to their efforts, a whopping 70 percent of the senior class contributed. We commend these students’ tremendous efforts and invaluable investment in the school, our community, and their legacy.  

Faculty and staff give in record numbers

Congratulations to our faculty, who reached 100 percent participation in the Annual Fund. And to the staff, who achieved 92 percent. This is record-breaking, a first in the school’s history! We pay special tribute to the outstanding efforts of the faculty-staff giving committee: Chris Balag, Lynda Douglas, Kate Grant, Ginny Malm, Kathy Qualman, Ron Sobel, Spencer White, and Chris Woodard. “Much gratitude to the faculty for making such a strong statement about their commitment to Catlin Gabel with their 100% participation,” said trustee Hope Boyd. “It sends such a powerful message to the community about their belief in the Catlin Gabel philosophy and program. Bravo! Great schools don’t just happen. Great faculties make them so.”

Donor thank-you picnic—what a night!

Our celebratory campus BBQ this spring was quite an evening. Thanks to all who participated for making it so special: Hen and Bubba for their delicious downhome food, the Upper School jazz band for their super sounds, and our phenomenal 2009–10 donors for their commitment and investment in Catlin Gabel. What a wonderful way for the community to come together to show gratitude. Let’s do it again next year!