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Tutorial Downloads

This is the primary source for the NXT Tutorial and the RoboLab Tutorial.  You'd use these if you would like to install them on a CD, USB Flash Drive, hard drive, or your own web server. These tutorials are free for any application.

The tutorials require Mac OS X or Windows XP or later. In addition, you must have Shockwave 10.1.3 or later installed on the computer. Shockwave is a free download available here.  Flash works fine as well.

NXT Tutorial

This tutorial is meant to be an introduction to the NXT graphical programming language (NXT-G). We use it in our classes and after school activities to get students up to speed at their own pace. It is used world wide by FLL teams, students, and teachers.

 If you want to just check out the NXT Tutorial, go to However, you may not want to use that site for high volume applications, like a classroom, for performance reasons.  That's why we make the files available so you can load them on local hard drives, burn them on CDs, install it on a local server, etc.

Before downloading this tutorial, read these VITAL installation instructions.

Download NXT Tutorial (ver 1.16, 75MB zip)


RoboLab Tutorial

This tutorial has been refined over the course of six years. It provides a great introduction to the RoboLab language in a step by step way and has been used by thousands of students. We won’t be doing any further development of it now that we’ve switched to the NXT system. It was written for RoboLab 2.5 but will probably be helpful to those using 2.9 as well.

 Before downloading this tutorial, read these VITAL installation instructions.

 Download the RoboLab Tutorial (ver 3.01, 70MB zip).