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At Catlin Gabel, technology is integrated into each division. The school is a dual-platform campus supporting both Macintosh and Windows computers. 

Middle School students do not need to bring their personal laptops to school as there are laptops available for classes as needed. Some students choose to bring their electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets. If they choose to bring them, we remind them to be careful with their personal property. A quick visit to the IT department will allow them to connect to the server at school and print easily from any of their devices.

If you are planning to purchase a laptop for your child, please order through Catlin Gabel. This will make it possible for your child to gain full access to network resources at school. Please visit the Laptop Ordering Information web page.

For more information about technology at Catlin Gabel, please contact:

Daisy Steele
Associate IT Director
Acting IT Director
8825 SW Barnes Road
Portland OR 97225