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All School Athletics Page

There are three distinct Middle School athletic seasons:

Fall: Boys and girls soccer, co-ed cross-country, and girls volleyball (sixth / seventh grade team and eighth grade team)

The fall season runs from the beginning of school until the last week in October.

Winter: Boys and girls basketball

The seventh and eighth grade basketball teams play from Thanksgiving until the end of February.

The sixth grade teams play from February until spring break.

Spring: Boys and girls track (one Middle School team)

The season begins after spring break and ends with the district track meet in mid-May.

The Philosophy?

Middle School athletics are about access.

Everyone is eligible to join a team. Catlin Gabel has a no-cut policy. The emphasis is on participation, learning, and being a team member. Equal playing time is not guaranteed, but time on the floor or the field is.

There is sometimes a wide discrepancy between the skill levels of experienced athletes and novices. Coaches are aware of this. Coaches help newer participants gain confidence in their skills and rely on the leadership of veterans to create a healthy team experience. This is the place to try a new sport!

Middle School athletics are about a special team experience.

This includes everything. . .from the long bus rides to schools like Meadowglade to the team cheers. Team members support each other, whether they are playing or watching from the sideline. Team tactics emphasize a common purpose, working together, and competing in a sporting manner. Instruction in techniques and fundamentals helps players gain confidence.

This is about obligations that team members have to each other, too. Coaches teach and manage. Players are expected to be positive with teammates and to attend scheduled team events. It is the students' responsibility to communicate with coaches when they cannot make practices or games. In addition, athletes are expected to wear the school uniform and return it washed and in good condition at the end of the season.

Middle School athletics are not all about winning.

Indeed, the goal is to help Middle Schoolers become healthy competitors, to learn new skills, and to enjoy the team experience.

Additional Information

If you have questions, please call or e-mail the coaches or Sandy Luu We look forward to seeing you at games!

  • There are home and away games against other schools. We try to balance the schedules. In addition, there are times when early dismissals are necessary. They are listed on the schedule.
  • Teams travel to away venues in Catlin Gabel school buses. Teams often travel together.
  • Parents may bring their children home from away venues. If you want your child driven home by another adult instead of riding the bus, send a note to the coach beforehand giving your permission.
  • You will note three times on the schedule: L represents leave times. S represents starting game times. R represents return times.
  • Schedules change constantly. Please check the web site for updates, changes, and directions to away venues.