Tutorial Installation

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To install tutorials on a local hard disk, unzip the file and copy the all the files and its subfolders into a new directory. Open Index.html with an Internet browser to run the tutorial. In practice, you will want to make a desktop icon which points to index.html to make it easy for students to run.

Windows Users

With the advent of Microsoft's security push, the .zip file you download from this site needs to have its properties reset in order for the files it unpacks to run properly on Windows.  Before you unzip the file, right click on the file and select Properties. At the bottom of the Property dialog look for text on the order of "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer." Click "Unblock". That will result in the files it unpacks be unblocked and everything should work fine. It’s sad the world has come to this!

Some browsers will have their security settings set in such a way as to make it annoying or impossible to run this tutorial locally. If you find you are constantly getting messages warning of active content, change the settings to allow it. Tips on doing this are given in the "Browser Settings" page of the tutorial. For IE, you may also need to go to the “Security” tab of the ”Internet Options” dialog and set the Intranet security to “low”.

You can place the unzipped files to a CD and the tutorial will autorun when the CD is inserted into a Windows 2000 or later computer assuming your security settings allow it. If copied to a hard disk, you will want to create a desktop icon which points to index.html to make it easy for students to run.

1024x768 or better screen resolution is required.

Installing on a Web Server

You are welcome to copy these files onto a web server. Users with a high speed connection can then view the tutorial without having to install it locally and worry about their browser settings. An example of such an installation can be found at www.ortop.org/NXT_Tutorial. To avoid overloading this server, please install a copy on your own server rather than using the ORTOP copy in a heavy usage setting such as a classroom.

Latest Shockwave Required
This tutorial requires Shockwave from Adobe to run. If you need to install it, you can download it at no charge from Adobe. Note that you’ll need Shockwave 10.1 or later to run this tutorial, especially the exercises. Even if you don’t get a message telling you to, upgrade to the latest version to avoid any problems.  Flash also supports these shockwave files so downloading the latest version will work fine as well.