Outdoor Education

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Catlin Gabel’s outdoor program focuses on educating the whole student. By providing opportunities for students to face and overcome challenges, learn group living skills, and understand the way the natural world works, the program supplements the academic rigors faced by the individual student. The program broadens the education of both Middle and Upper School students by fostering their self awareness, exposing them to new environments and challenges while providing important leadership opportunities. Key components include:
  • Adventure education through trips. ranging from day hikes to lengthy backpack, skiing, or river trips
  • Environmental education using field resources both on and off campus
  • Middle School "Life" classes teach outdoor living skills to 6th through 8th graders
  • Experiential education that applies classroom education to real world settings
  • Group and individual learning opportunities on Catlin's brand new challenge course.
The outdoor program has offerings for both Middle School and Upper School students.

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