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Strength-based philosophy

The Middle School counselor works closely with teachers, students, and parents to identify student needs and address them using a strength-based approach. This means that we focus first on what people do well and their personal assets that  enhance emotional and academic growth. By focusing on unique and inherent strengths we can collectively improve a student's self-esteem and sense of self-efficacy, which are vital to successful learning. 

Students are referred to work with the school counselor. Students may self-refer or may be referred by a parent or teacher.  The counselor is readily accessible. She works closely with tacherand is involved with day-to-day school proceedings, accessiblility is convenient. Referrals are made to outside providers when student issues are long-term and require ongoing support and professional follow-up. In order to best support students Catlin Gabel partners with outside providers to enhance the process. This entails a routine request for a release and the permission to share information with the provider.