Spanish 7


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension
Full Year
1.      How does learning language interrupt cultural bias?
a.      Have to define and engage concept of bias
b.      Have to engage idea of cultural identity
c.       Have to discuss stereotyping
2.      How does the study of language enhance a sense of global citizenship?
a.      Have to define global citizenship
b.      Have to discuss ideas like “Where do I fit in the world as a language student in the United States attending Catlin Gabel School?”
3.      How does a student gain proficiency and confidence in creating in the language?
-          regular ar, er, ir verb conjugation mastery
-          introduction of radical and reflexive verbs
-          geographic studies of Caribbean and Central America
-          Build upon the content of 6th grade Spanish (include link to 6 curriculum map)
-          Vocabulary including:  Numbers & calendar, school items, weather & common adjectives, town & city, food & drink, the family, common AR, ER & IR verbs, the home & kitchen, ordinal numbers, clothing, travel, radical, reflexive & irregular verbs.



-          read confidently
-          ability to write
-          think critically with more global perspective
-          regular tests and quizzes
-          daily observations
-          ability to carry on conversations
-          monthly filming
-          ongoing self-assessments
-          regular journal assessments for daily writing and exercises
-          a winter and spring essay of three paragraphs
-          variety of textbooks
-          The Films: The Milagro Beanfield War & The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez
Slides, videos & music from Latin America and Spain
-       You Tube and various sources on the net


-          Students develop and prepare a slide presentation of some aspect of the Mexican celebration Día de los Muertos.
-          Investigate and gain empathy for the cultural conflicts experienced by native Spanish speakers who live in the American Southwest through the films; The Milagro Beanfield War & the Ballad of Gregorio Cortez.