French 8


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension
Full Year

-How do students accurately assess their strengths as well as their weaknesses in French?
-Which procedure is the best to find the right level at which each student should be placed in the upcoming year?
-What is the best way to prepare onself to be

*The body, health and personal hygiene
*Reflexive verbs relating to daily routine

*Name and describe your favorite sports
*Talk about your daily activities and personal care
*Identify various parts of the body and describe a person's physical features
*Explain what you do to stay fit
*Follow or give instructions in an exercise class
*Let a doctor know what is wrong when you feel sick or in pain

*Daily homework
*Quizzes after each lesson: weekly to bi-weekly
*Unit test after 4 lessons
*Listening comprehension
*Oral presentation
*Skit evaluated on memorization, pronunciation, intonation, presentation and body language
*Presentation to tie in with the middle school's track meet to talk about what one did that day from morning to night using reflexive verbs

Textbook Discovering French Blanc: Chapters 1 - 20
Workbook Discovering French Blanc

Material created by the teacher, authentic articles, and audio & video clips, various online resources

*What sports French people enjoy
*How they keep in shape
*Francophone areas: Quebec, Louisiana, famous people of French descent who came to the United States, French Overseas Department