French 7


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension
Full Year

What does one need to know about a culture in order to communicate appropriately?

What are the similarities and the differences between American and French peers?

How does one communicate best with a peer from a francophone country?

Possessive adjectives
Family members, personal
Clothing and verbs associated with shopping
Talking to the clerk in a story
Asking for a price
Giving your opinion
Verbs associated with money and going places with friends
Demonstrative and interrogative adjectives

The pronoun 'on'
The imperative form
The verb 'mettre'
Irregular adjectives
-ir and -re verbs
The comparative

Describing: your day: Streets and public buildings, places you often go to, how you get around

Finding your way around: Asking and giving directions, indicating the floor

Describing your home and your family: Your address, the inside and outside of your home, your family

Making plans to do things in twon: What you are going to do, asking others to come along, saying where you have been

Expanding one's conversational skills: Contradicting someone, expressing doubt, expressing surprise

Talking about clothes: What people are wearing, whether the clothes fit, what they look like, what one's preferences are

Discussing shopping plans: Where to go, what to buy

Buying clothes: Asking for help, finding out prices, deciding what to choose, comparing items, talking about what you need and what you like, giving advice

Expanding one's conversations skills: Emphasizing a remark, indicating approval, introducing an opinion

Daily homework, assessed upon timely completion, accuracy, and attention to detail
Lesson quiz after each lesson: weekly to bi-weekly
Unit test after 4 lessons
Listening comprehension
Oral interviews and presentations
Skits evaluated on memorization, pronunciation, intonation, presentation and body language
Research on music from a variety of francophone countries

Writing samples

Projects, oral and written

Songs, short authentic skits, and short poems memorized

Textbook Discovering French Bleu: Chapters 24-28
Workbook, Discovering French Bleu

Material created by the teacher, authentic articles, and audio & video clips, various online resources

Overview of Paris
Produce a brochure on an arrondissement in Paris

Discovery of French modern and popular music

Students watch an age and culturally appropriate movie