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Middle School athletics are open to all Middle School students regardless of talent level, grade or experience.  For many participation on a CGS team is a first team experience. Our teams compete in the Metro Christian League.  It is a competitive league, nevertheless, winning is an outcome of individual comittment and team effort.  We stress athletic learning, comraderie and a fun experience. All practices and competitions happen after school on weekdays with very rare weekend exceptions. Many Middlle School student athletes advance to stellar high school careers, and beyond.


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Middle School Athletics


What are the primary objectives of athletics in the Middle School?

Are Middle School athletics open to all students?

What are the various team offerings within Middle School athletics?

What is the measurement of "success" within the context of competitive athletics in the Middle School?

In what ways are Middle School students encouraged to take part in athletics

What does the commitment to athletics look like?




What is the goal of Middle School athletcs






Middle School athletics are about a special team experience. This includes everything from the long bus rides to  to the team cheers. Team members support each other, whether they are playing or watching from the sideline. Team tactics emphasize a common purpose, working together, and competing in a sporting manner. Instruction in techniques and fundamentals helps players gain confidence.

Athletic participation is about obligations that team members have to each other, too. Coaches teach and manage. Players are expected to be positive with teammates and to attend scheduled team events. It is the students' responsibility to communicate with coaches when they cannot make practices or games. In addition, athletes are expected to wear the school uniform with pride.

Winning is the wonderful culmination of learning new skills, working hard, giving your most, having fun and the enjoyment of a team experience.


There are three distinct Middle School athletic seasons:

Fall: Boys and girls soccer, co-ed cross-country and girls volleyball.

Winter: Boys and girls basketball

Spring: Co-ed track & field


The athletics program provides opportunities for student athletes to participate in a broad and diverse array of sports.

The athletics program strongly encourages multiseason participation. Students learn to balance their commitments because they are making choices among competing priorities.

The athletics program values students’ learning to choose among competing opportunities, establishing priorities, and making commitments to the outcome of their decisions.

Curriculum-based commitments supersede athletic commitments.

Coaches have the responsibility to communicate clearly their expectations and time commitments so that students are able to make informed choices and decisions

The athletics program values competition as an opportunity for students to develop mental discipline, self-control, cooperation, and perseverance through the experiences inherent in victory and defeat.

Appropriate competition is a priority of the program. Individual and team success is a by-product of character, commitment, practice, effort, and teamwork.

Positive sportsmanship in competition includes fair play and respect for coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, and spectators.

At the Middle School level, if a student is healthy, has been attending practice, and displays a positive attitude; he or she will play in contests.

The athletics program values the life lessons learned through teamwork and shared commitments.

All athletes have an opportunity to build leadership through the support, attitude, and motivation that each member brings to the team. Leadership has an important corollary—cooperation, the ability to support team goals and objectives above personal goals and objectives.

Respect, fair play, cooperation, effort, loyalty, self direction, and perseverance are some of the outcomes of student participation in the athletic program.

The athletics program values sport as a vehicle for teaching and learning the attributes of an ethical character, the skills and strategies of sport, and the value of goal-directed teamwork and cooperation. Athletes understand that they are students in the athletic setting. From coaches and teammates they learn the values, skills, and strategies that are the underlying purposes for participation in the athletics program. Team captains and other student leaders are intentionally taught the skills they will need to contribute to a cohesive, supportive team focused on shared goals and readiness for competition.

Coaches understand that they are teachers and role models. They teach skills so students can grow in their competence and competitiveness over time. They view each practice and game as an opportunity to teach ethical values and conduct within the context of sport. They model this behavior by their conduct towards their athletes, parents, officials, and opponents, on and off the field.

Parents understand that they are role models. Parents view each practice and game as an opportunity to model ethical values to their children. They exhibit this behavior by their conduct towards all athletes, coaches, officials, fellow parents, opposing athletes, coaches, and other parents, on and off the playing fields and in the stands.

League play and final standings are one objective measure of success.

The notion of a positive experience, hard work, team effort, coopertion, improvement are the most important measure of end of season success.

Highly trained coaches both from on campus (teachers and staff) and from the community. Coaches receive training, assessment and a high degree of supervsion. All certified First Aid/CPR and Concussion Management.  Many coaches licensed and highly experienced. Typically our coaches are active with their sport,typically current or former athlets.

1 gymnasium for basketball and volleyball

2 indoor tennis courts for basketball practices and/or matches

Multiple outdoor playing fields for soccer

All weather track and filed arena for comprehensive Track & Field program

On campus XC running trails

Excellent transportation support for moving athletes to and from competitions.



All sports open to all students regardless of experience or talent level

No cut policy