Email Guidelines

Send by email

The school issues Catlin Gabel email accounts to students partway through the fourth grade year. Teachers provide instruction to students about email at that moment. Students are taught to:

Use Catlin Gabel email accounts for school-related correspondence.

Write an informative subject line.

Check the To: field for accuracy before sending.

Refrain from forwarding "chain mail" to others.

If someone you know asks you a question, respond to him or her.

Re-read the email for spelling, grammar, and appropriateness before sending.

Listen carefully for when an adult asks you to check your email for a new message.

If you receive email that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult.

Accurately distinguish between Reply and Reply-All.

Catlin Gabel IT staff may examine the contents of student email when requested by a teacher, counselor, learning specialist, or the head of the lower school. We cannot open third-party email accounts (such as GMail) and encourage parents to actively maintain dialogue with their children about their use of email and other social Internet technologies.