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The Crier

The Crier is the Lower School newsletter and comes out each Friday. The Crier is an online publication only. Each Friday you will receive an e-mail reminder letting you know it is ready to view. If you do not have access to a computer please call Julie at 503-203-5102 and other arrangements will be made.

The deadline for submissions to the Crier is Friday at 9:00 am.


The Lower School website has lots of useful information available. You can learn more about the curriculum, the learning center, Lower School traditions and much more. You can also access the current and past newsletters. 

Absences and Tardiness

Classrooms are opened at 8:10 and the school day begins at 8:20 am. If your child arrives at school after 8:20 am please sign them in at the Lower School office.

Illness - When your child is going to be absent due to illness please call the Lower School office  by 9:00 am. After 9:00 am the administrative assistant will call all parents of absent students. Leaving a message for the office in the morning will help limit unnecessary phone calls and is very much appreciated. You can also leave a message at the main number at any time in the morning and they will forward it to the Lower School.

Vacation - When your child goes on vacation please let the office and the homeroom teachers know either by e-mail, a phone call or with a note to the homeroom teacher.

Change of Plans?

At some point during the year your child’s after school pick-up plans will surely change. We have procedures in place to ensure your child will receive the message.

Please call Julie at 503-203-5102 and leave a message for your child. Please do this as early in the day as possible. Julie will deliver the message to the student.

After School Care (ASC) Changes - If your child’s change of plans involves After School Care please do the following:

Before 1:00 pm please call 503-297-1894 ext. 666 and leave a message with ASC. If it is after 1:00 please call Ginny Malm directly at 503-297-1894 ext. 353 and leave a message with her. You can also email any changes to asc@catlin.edu and ASC will get a message to your child.

Leaving school early? There are times when a student needs to leave school early. On these occasions please let the homeroom teacher know so arrangements can be made. The teachers will then inform the LS office.

Lost & Found

Please label any item of clothing that your child may take off during the day. When there is a label it will be returned.