Learning Evaluations

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Parents and/or teachers sometimes have questions about a child's academic performance, learning style or processing skills. The learning specialist can help determine if the questions asked about a student are best addressed by consultation with the parents and teachers, small group instruction, tutoring or an evaluation.

The Learning Center can provide learning style assessments and screen for learning difficulties/disabilities. This can help parents and teachers understand more about a student’s learning style, academic performance, processing strengths/weaknesses and lead to the development of strategies for learning and instructional techniques. If this kind of evaluation will not address the questions asked about a student's learning, we will work with parents to find appropriate specialists in the community.

The Evaluation Process

Evaluations may be initiated by either parents or teachers but require the approval of the parent(s). The process typically involves these steps:

*Referral by parent or teacher

*Information gathering from parents and teachers through interview and/or written forms

*Three to four sessions with the learning specialist that includes an interview of the student

*Conference with the teacher and parents to review test results and develop a plan for supporting the student that may include specific teaching strategies, modifications, tutoring or referrals to specialists for further assessment

*Information shared with the student by the learning specialist, teacher or parent

*Information shared with student's other teachers as determined by parents and learning specialist

*Written report detailing results and recommendations sent to parents. A copy is provided to the teacher and kept in the file as a reference for other teachers.