Frequently Asked Questions

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When does support from a learning specialist take place?

Typically, small groups of students are supported during the school day at the same time that subject matter is being taught in the classroom.  Occassionally, students receive shortterm support outside of the typical school day.

Is tutoring available at Catlin Gabel?

The learning specialists can provide parents with names of tutors who would be appropriate for their child's needs at the parent's request. Catlin Gabel does not provide individualized tutoring, but the learning specialists can help facilitate communication between the tutor and the school. The parent-tutor relationship is independent of the school.

How does my child receive extra support?

Learning specialists and teachers collaborate about the needs of students. Extra support may come in the form of small group instruction, learning specialists working within the classroom, and occassionaly shortterm one-on-one instruction. Teachers differentiate instruction within their classrooms to support all learners.