Learning Center

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Welcome to the Lower School Learning Center

One of the central philosophies at Catlin Gabel is respect for diversity within our community, including learning styles. The Learning Center is one of the available resources for supporting students. Brainstorming strategies, directing parents to resources, consulting with teachers, small group instruction, working within the classrooms, and evaluating students' learning are among the ways that the learning specialist can be a support to students in the Lower School.

The Lower School Learning Center is in the office area across from the copy room.

For more information, contact:

Sue Sacks                                                                                               Lauren Burns
Beginning/Lower School Learning Specialist                                  Lower School Reading Specialist
(all grades)                                                                                              (1st-3rd grades)
503-297-1894 ext. 331                                                                          503-297-1894  ext. 528
sackss@catlin.edu                                                                                 burnslau@catlin.edu