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Photo by Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

Emotional and social support is important to the education of children.  "When schools attend systematically to students' social and emotional skills, the academic achievement of children increases, the incidence of problem behaviors decreases, and the quality of relationships surrounding each child improves." (Elias, M. J., 1997)

The counseling program in the Lower School is dedicated to providing the best social and emotional learning opportunities for your children.  This is achieved through one on one support, group activities, in class teaching, and consultation. 



The power of having a growth mindset
An introduction
A roundtable with counselors Kate Grant (Upper School), Kristin Ogard (Middle School), and Jonathan Weedman (Beginning and Lower School)
The Gifts of ADHD
We are not alone
What happens to the bully?
How two teachers helped their students celebrate their unique brain strengths
Facilitated by Stephen Grant, LCSW
What is it and what to do about it
by Jonathan Weedman
Helping Your 5th Grader Navigate Changing Friendships