Technology 4


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension
Computer Networks

What is a computer network?

What can you access with a network account?

What makes a good password?

Where is the file server?

Computer networks

Ethernet cabling

Password complexity and security

Catlin Gabel website resources

Print status window

Access the file server

Log into the network access system

Authenticate when printing

Distinguish between local and network folders

Set a private, secure password

Require some project work to be submitted to the students's file server folder

Require some project work to be submitted to the class website

Require students to log into various network resources using their new accounts

Campus map showing underground data cable pathways

insideCatlin website

Moodle course website software

Windows file server


Desktop Publishing

What do I hope to accomplish in this course?

What work do I think may be challenging?

How do I create a printed, multimedia document?

Why do computers save files in different formats?

How do I find information on the World Wide Web?

Personal reflection about hopes and potential obstacles for the year

How to create a multimedia printed document

Image file transfer and management

A computer integrated digital camera

DIfference between file formats for editing and publication (Word doc, ComicLife, PDF)

Standard file upload form

Detailed information about one northwest native plant

Search engines and search terms

Take one or more self-portraits

Reflect on one's own learning goals and challenges

Create a document in ComicLife and save it to the file server

Create a document in Microsoft Word and save it to the file server

Transfer image files from website to desktop to application

Add digital photos to ComicLife or MS Word document

Access and make meaning of a provided website

Search for websites of appropriate reading level and relevance using Google

Type content into text fields

Save document as PDF

Post document to class Moodle website

Assess completed work against project rubric (individual projects)

Provide formative and summative feedback to students

ComicLife application

Moodle website software

King County Native Plant Guide website


Expression of one's own identity through pictures and words

Graphing Data

How do we analyze data using a computer?

What is spreadsheet software?

How may we best communicate useful information using graphs?

Definition of a website database

Distinction between website and local data storage

Excel formulas

Different types of graphs (pie, bar, etc.)

Differences among productivity applications (word processor, email client, spreadsheet, presentation software)

Personal and class reading habits

Economics of running a bakery

Add a record to a website database

View records in a website database

Download data from a website database to Excel

Summarize data by counting manually and using the COUNTIF function

Write arithmetic functions in Excel to calculate income, expenses and profit/loss

Graph data in Excel

Assess Excel spreadsheets and graphs against project rubrics

insideCatlin website

Microsoft Excel, including the function reference


How may we type with speed and accuracy?

Key placement

Hand position

Common key combinations

Type with speed and accuracy (goal: 10 WPM for fourth grade)

Practice common key combinations

Report of progress, speed, and accuracy in All the Right Type activities

All the Right Type application


How may we use email?

How may we use email to do great things?

What are some common pitfalls of using email?

Outlook Web Access interface

Email header fields

Responsible use of email

Anatomy of an email address

Send and receive email using Outlook Web Access

Send to individuals and group lists

Identify chain mail and avoid forwarding it

Demonstrate awareness of the loss of control of email content once sent


Students are required to submit some class work using email.

Outlook Web Access

Common Sense Media

"Guiness book" chain email hoax

Presentation Software

How may we use a computer application to best support an oral presentation?

Effective slide design strategies

Presentation software applications

Compose a multi-slide, multimedia presentation using Keynote or PowerPoint

Deliver an oral presentation to a group, using presentation software as a complement

Presentation documents assessed according to a project rubric

Presentation Zen book and website

Apple Keynote software


How may we use computers to create an interactive animation?

Programming constructs in Scratch: loops, conditional statements, motion, sound, user input, sensing, and others

Integrated with the immigration storyline project

Create a simple interactive animation

Work file assessed against a project rubric

Scratch website, instruction cards, tutorials, and examples