Social Studies 1


Unit Essential Questions Content Skills and Processes Assessment Resources Multicultural Dimension
Social Studies 1

• Who am I?
• Is my opinion the only and best one?
• How am I the same and different from other kids?
• What do other people have to do with me?

*How to describe self as a member of the community
*How to listen to another's point of view respectfully
*How to express own point of view respectfully
*Commonalities with classmates and others outside the classroom
*Similarities and differences
*How to describe one's personal connection with others

*Identify membership in communities outside family and school
*Participate in social action projects
*Locate countries of origin on map
*Participate in discussions about others' cultures
*Identify continents
*Locate continents on a globe/map
*Identify similarities between communities across time and place
*Research and write about cultural environments and the people of those environments

*Classroom participation
*Visual representations
*Written projects
*Individual interview

*Internet resources
*Maps and globes
*Family artifacts/stories

*There are differences you can see and differences you can't see
*People belong to many groups
*Skin color is one of many ways people create groups
*All people share basic needs
*People can use words to make change
*Everyone impacts our world
*We choose what kind of impact we make by our choices