Independent PE Requirements

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Are you a swimmer? A dancer? A lacrosse superstar?

Consider applying for independent PE credit!

All Upper School students are required to complete seven trimester credits of physical education, along with two trimesters of health; of the PE credits, up to six may be earned independently. To qualify for independent credit, an activity must meet the following criteria:

  • The student applies for credit prior to the term in which the coursework will be completed. (Download an application at the bottom of this page.)
  • The PE department approves the application.
  • The activity is not offered through Catlin Gabel during the term in which the coursework will be completed.
  • Participation occurs over the course of the entire twelve-week trimester.
  • Participation is supervised by a professional teacher or coach (other than a parent or friend).
  • The student completes a minimum of fifty hours of supervised coursework.
  • The student submits bi-weekly progress reports, completed by the coach or instructor. (Download a timesheet at the bottom of this page.)


Does your activity qualify?

 Independent PE  Not Independent PE  Why?
 Club volleyball during the spring season  Club volleyball during the fall season  In the fall, you can play for Catlin.
 Applying for winter credit in October  Applying for winter credit in February  You must apply before the term in which you want the credit.
 Summer soccer league, totaling 50 hours  10-day soccer camp, totaling 50 hours  Activity must be spread over 12 weeks.
 Lifting weights in a fitness class  Lifting weights alone at the gym  Activity must be supervised.
 Swimming every day with your swim team  Swimming every day with your dad  Supervisor cannot be a parent or friend.
 50 hours of ballet  49 hours of ballet  You must document at least 50 hours of activity.
 Application followed by biweekly reports  Application followed by nothing  You must turn in biweekly reports, or you will not receive credit.


When should you apply for credit?

   Fall Trimester  Winter Trimester  Spring Trimester
 When is it?  First day of school to Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving to spring break  Spring break to last day of school
 When should I apply?  In the summer or during the first week of school  Before Thanksgiving  Before spring break


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Sheila Williams, the PE Department Chair.